About Antoinette – That’s me!

I’m a Life Balance Specialist, blogger, speaker and creator of Life Balance Café. As a busy professional and mother of 2, I have a passion for connecting with others who value wellness and life balance and self-care. I encourage and mentor women on how to navigate the daily challenges of fulfilling their many roles.


Getting organized is not always easy. There are days when I do get frustrated and fall off track. Sometimes I fall behind when it comes to looking after myself,  but quitting is not an option! The same goes for you too.  Staying healthy and inspired is so important to your well-being.  I work with smart, savvy women who want to be part of a community that will encourage each other to be the very best version of themselves. As a member of this community you appreciate the importance of doing things that nourish your soul and keep you strong and focused every day.

Educated at McGill University and York University, I have a degree in Sociology and completed post-graduate studies in Corporate Communications. I am a certified Adult Educator with over 15 years experience as a Corporate Trainer and courseware designer. To enhance my skills as a life balance coach, I earned my official designation as a Certified Professional Coach.

I’d love to connect with you! Email me at aburrell@lifebalancecafe.com or phone 416-508-6553.

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Some of my favourite things
There are so many things that I do to keep myself in balance. One of the most important things is family time. And that does NOT mean entertaining my kids 24/7. I’m talking about doing things that we can all enjoy. There are so many outdoor adventures, games, movies, shows, festivals and projects that we can do together.  It just takes a bit of planning ahead and some creativity. Pack a lunch and get out there! Here’s a photo of us on a refreshing day out by the lake:


Family Time

Then there’s “me time”. I am a very social creature, but I don’t mind doing things on my own, such as crafts, baking, and my personal favourite – gardening! I even like doing things that I’m not really good at. From time to time I try my hand at art journaling. I’m far from being an artist, but the point is not to compare, it’s just to enjoy.

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