10 Secrets for getting “un-stuck” to solve a problem

Ever have one of those days when you need to solve a problem and just can’t get your act together? Sometimes those days stretch into weeks or months! You know you’ve got lots to do, but you just feel stuck! And what do most of us do when we feel stuck? We procrastinate. But sooner or later we need to move forward whether it’s at work or around the house. Here are my top 10 secrets for getting “un-stuck” when you need to solve a problem.

  1. I like to move-it move-it! Environment plays a big role in stimulating your creativity. Let’s say you have to prepare a report involving creative ideas. After a while starting at the computer will do no good at all. Grab your laptop and move to another room. It may be more comfortable, quiet – whatever! It really will make a difference. Trust me, I do it all the time!
  1. Kick it old school. I love using technology for my business, but there’s nothing more “organic” than good old pen and paper. For one thing, there are no distractions like popups or side bar advertisements. Just you and your thoughts. The act of slowly forming each word will give your brain time to process the information, and come up with new thoughts on the fly!
  1. Play that funky music. Music can really change your mood and stimulate creativity. For deep concentration, try calm instrumental music, and for creativity, take a short break and bust a move on your favourite sing-along jam!
  1. Get on up. The connection between mind and body is indisputable. If you are struggling for ideas on how to solve a problem, stand up and walk to another room, or just get up and stretch near your desk. Even a short walk down the hall will help you to snap out of it.
  1. Suck it up. Fresh air, that is. Ever wonder why you come up with some of the best ideas in the shower? The increased oxygen flow stimulates your mind. Now you can’t strip down and take a shower at work, but you can probably go outside for about 5 minutes. This works especially well when it’s cool outside. Breathe deeply and slooowly. Ahhh…


  1. Get the munchies. We’ve all felt the mid afternoon slump. Just about 2 hours after lunch when we are feeling drained and still it’s not close enough to 5:00 to get excited about getting out of the office. You could do with a cool drink or a small snack to boost your energy and get you back on track.
  1. Wanna hear a joke? Take a break and find something fun to read or watch. Maybe a short, funny video for a quick pick-me-up. Just be careful not to take too long or this may morph into all-out procrastination!
  1. Old is new again. Have you done any work in the past that you were really proud of? Go back and have a look at it to see if it sparks your creativity or gives you ideas that you can use right now.
  1. Call your BFF. Two heads are better than one! You may have a friend who you can bounce ideas off and who may be able to give you a few fresh ideas of her own.
  1. When in doubt, ask Google. I have to do this from time to time. (Umm… actually every day!) Look up your question, and you’ll discover that you are not the only one with this challenge. You’re sure to find many solutions to help you right away. The world is at your fingertips!

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